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The Board of Directors of Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati (OAC) is proud to announce the appointment of Kirsten MacDougal as their new Executive Director. Learn More About Kirsten Here.

So Far We’ve Provided Over


Adventures for Local Urban High School Students


Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati provides a safe place to have fun, explore, and connect with nature.

Young people today need to…

  • reconnect with and freely explore the natural world

  • engage in imaginative, unstructured play

  • disconnect from technology, decompress, and relax

  • try challenging activities that build self-esteem and confidence

Did You Know?

Every Adventure is FREE  for students and chaperones.

Thanks to our generous partners, Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati is able to provide the equipment, training, supervision, transportation, and food for all participants at no cost to students or schools!

Learn more about all the exciting adventures hosted by OAC.

The First Adventure

OAC was founded by a local school teacher who organized a kayak trip for his students and realized how important it is for young people in urban communities to see the beauty of nature. From that ‘first adventure’ OAC was born and the lives of so many local urban teens have been forever changed.

Learn more about our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Why Spending Time in Nature is Important

Our minds and bodies need to spend time in nature. However most of us lead lives that pull us indoors. Young people need to experience the outdoors now more than ever. The health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation and exercise are widely documented. New studies also clearly indicate the positive social-emotional, economic, and environmental impact that occurs when young people spend time in nature.

Learn more about the effects of spending time in nature and why you should care.

Charitable Support

We’d like to thank the following charitable organizations who support OAC through their generous contributions.

Please Donate Today

Just $12 a month covers activities for one student for the entire school year. Your donation can make a difference.