Partner Spotlight – Brighton Center

Brighton Center has greatly benefitted from its relationship with Outdoor Adventure Club over the past three years specifically through our Youth Leadership Development program. Youth Leadership Development is an afterschool program for teens in 6th – 12th grades that provides structured activities and opportunities for youth to acquire and improve their life skills, decision making, and leadership skills. Brighton Center’s overall mission is to create opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through education, employment, and leadership which very much fits into Outdoor Adventure Club’s model of empowering youth through a transformative experience.

Without the discounted rates provided by OAC and their partnerships youth would not be able to experience to the outdoors in such unique ways. The way staff helps youth overcome fears and challenges is great. Outdoor Adventure Club staff is always patient and kind with Brighton Center youth and bring a level of expertise on the outings.  Youth are able to gain confidence that carries over to their daily life, as well as teambuilding, respect of others and nature increased listening and sense of accomplishment and pride. Through Outdoor Adventure Club Brighton Center youth have had the opportunity to go Kayaking, Fishing, Paddling & Picnicking, Hiking, learn about teambuilding through rock-climbing, ride the Little Miami Bike Trail and have a picnic grill out complete with games. Many of the youth Brighton Center serves would never have these opportunities otherwise.

On a recent Kayaking trip over the summer two youth who initially feared the trip and struggled at first were able to overcome their fears with the help of Outdoor Adventure Club staff and not only enjoy the trip but also left with the confidence to overcome future challenges or fears.

As one youth put it: “The teambuilding activities and ropes course made us all work together, even though we may not all get along all the time, it showed we can listen to each other and complete it together.”

Thank you Outdoor Adventure Club! Because of your dedication, over 50 Brighton Center youth have experienced amazing outdoor adventures.