Student Spotlight: OAC It’s a Family Affair

For Oyler senior, Daniel Barnes, Outdoor Adventure Clubs is a family affair.  Daniel lives in Lower Price Hill.  He has serval cousins and siblings that also go to Oyler or have graduated from Oyler in the past. His cousins Stephanie Barnes and Cassey Flower are also seniors and members of the school’s Outdoor Adventure Club.

Daniel joined OACGC because he enjoyed participating in the adventures last year and was looking forward to enjoying the adventures once again, alongside his family members.  His favorite trip was the kayaking adventure.

Daniel believes that adventures give students a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have experiences they might not otherwise have exposure to.  He would encourage students to join for the new experiences that OACGC offers to students.

Thanks for being an OACGC ambassador, Daniel!

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