Student Spotlight: Mikele Boyd

Mikele Boyd lives in College Hill, is a senior at Shroder Paideia High School, and has been a member of Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati the past four years. He also plays football, runs track, and has participated in his school’s “Flight Club”, a UC sponsored extra-curricular activity in which students build model aircraft and compete to see which plane can lift the heaviest payload. Mikele is getting ready for college by taking three AP courses in Physics, Calculus, and English to help prepare for his Aerospace Engineering course of study next year at the University of Cincinnati.

Having been a member of OACGC since his freshman year at Shroder, Mikele has attended over 30 outdoor adventures to date. His favorite field trips are mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking. When asked what he likes most about the Club, he stated three reasons for staying engaged:

1) It’s a healthy alternative to simply hanging out in his neighborhood.
2) It’s a great way to meet new people from other schools in the area.
3) It’s been fun creating new and lasting friendships with students that he may not have otherwise hung out with at Shroder.

Hat’s off to Mikele for his long term commitment to OACGC and best wishes as he heads off to college next year. Perhaps he’ll establish an “outdoor club” at UC next year, create new friendships, and encourage more college students to go outside and play.

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