Student Spotlight: Kadriesha is an Adventurer at Heart

We couldn’t wait to spotlight Kadriesha Glover, a junior at Zoo Academy who resides in Clifton. This is Kadriesha’s second year with OACGC and she has never missed an outing.  She loves all the activities especially ice skating and we love her enthusiasm – she’s truly an adventurer at heart. When asked what she has gained from OACGC, she replied eagerly, “I’ve gained some great outdoor experience. I learned how to fix a bike tire, how to bird watch, how to kayak, and what to do when camping.” She added that she would like to tell other students about OACGC. “I would tell other students that it’s a fun experience and you learn fun things to do outdoors.”

After high school Kadriesha plans to go to BGSU to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design with aspirations to land a job in the design industry.  Thanks to her experiences in OACGC she also wants to travel and seek new adventures before settling down, getting married and starting a family. Sounds like a good plan. We wish her the best.

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