Student Spotlight: Abreyahna and Eugenio

In all the excitement surrounding our year’s first adventure, two students stood out on September 12th as shining examples of OAC leaders.  Abreyahna, a 9th grader, and Eugenio, a 12th grader, are both students at Withrow University High School.

While docking for lunch at the Loveland Castle, Abreyahna assisted OAC staff member Jeff Denno with moving boats off the water and out of the walking path.  It was a monster of a task considering there were over 100 paddlers!

Abryahna and Eugenio teamed up after lunch to help fellow adventurers return to the river by assisting them into their boats and launching them down stream.  A younger student, from Woodward High School, was hesitant to return to his kayak after lunch.  Without anyone asking, Abryahna and Eugenio encouraged this student to join them for the remainder of the float.  When managing the river proved difficult for this student, Abryahna and Eugenio situated his kayak between theirs, and systematically paddled their “tri-kayak” all the way to the pull-out.

Abryahna and Eugenio are both first time adventurers with OAC, proving that student leaders need not be outdoor experts, just kind and caring individuals.

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