Staff Spotlight: Drequan Loves His Work

This month’s Staff Spotlight goes to Drequan Foster, one of our favorite team members.  Drequan has been with Outdoor Adventure Clubs for several years now. First as a student participant while attending Withrow University High School, and now as an Outdoor Specialist.

While attending Withrow, Drequan enrolled in his school’s chapter of Outdoor Adventure Clubs and never looked back. When asked what he thought of his time as a student with Outdoor Adventure Clubs Drequan proclaimed gleefully, “I really loved all the adventures and the amazing experiences it gave me.”

After graduating high school in 2014, Drequan enrolled in University of Cincinnati’s Construction Management program. “I enjoy classes here at UC, especially physics because it incorporates math while teaching me how the world works,” he said with earnest.

When he’s not studying or in class, Drequan fills his spare time the way you would expect, working out, hanging out, and playing video games. He’s quick to mention that working out is good for your body and mind.

“I decided to join Outdoor Adventure Clubs after high school because I couldn’t get enough of the fun activities and great experiences and I wanted to help others get involved with the program so they could share some of these amazing moments as well.  Outdoor Adventure Clubs has raised my awareness of nature and helped me understand more about good stewardship and how to preserve our natural resources so they don’t get destroyed.

My favorite adventure with OACGC was the kayaking trip because I love the teamwork. The beautiful combination of trees, sky and water make an exquisite landscape. After seeing such beauty, all I wanted to do was share it with others, which is why I want to help people get involved with the outdoors.”

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