School Spotlight: Newport HS

Outdoor Adventure Club of Greater Cincinnati is building student relationships, educating students on Leave No Trace ethics, teaching students life skills, and providing opportunities for the students of Newport High School to experience adventures in the great outdoors. Although many of the students are nervous to join the club for fear of the unknown and “wasting” a Saturday, our club is seeing growth in numbers and we have had nothing but positive feedback this year.

Communication is key to successful OACGC recruitment and trip turnout. We spend time speaking directly to students about upcoming trips, print out and hang full color photos of students enjoying our adventures, and encourage club members to ask their friends to join the club as well. In an effort to create a more efficient means to communicate with all students we have created an OACGC Schoology group. The minute a student shows interest in joining the club they are added to the group and immediately begin to receive notifications. Within the group page, sponsors and students can:

• Post invites and RSVP’s to our monthly adventures and club meetings.
• Inform students of items needed for trips and post reminders.
• Post comments, pictures, and questions.
• Post and watch tutorials for monthly adventures.
• Post and Print off permission forms.
• Students can show the significant adult(s) in their life all of this information as well.

Malik Rocker is one of the students that took a little extra encouragement to join. This is what Malik wanted to share about his experience:

“I like the Outdoor Adventure Club a lot. At first I didn’t think that I would like it but, my teacher, Ms. Swank, talked me into joining the club. I am happy she did.

My first time going on a trip with the OAC was when we went bike riding, it was so much fun. I had never been bike riding like that, so it was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed the part where we learned how to change a flat tire the proper way and using the correct tools. I think all students should join the Outdoor Adventure Club.

You only have to commit your time to one Saturday morning a month and let’s face it all you were going to do was sleep all morning anyway. It doesn’t take up your whole day. You can meet new people, have amazing adventures, and learn about stuff you wouldn’t normally get to.

I am looking forward to going on our next trip especially, with Ms. Swank. She is an outgoing and really nice person to be around, she brings joy to everyone (well at least to me), and she is funny.

I think Newport High School’s participation in the Outdoor Adventure Club, is a great opportunity to improve our schools images and let people know that we are great students, who respect themselves as well as the Outdoors.”


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