School Spotlight: Aiken New Tech

Home of the Falcons, Aiken New Tech is a one-to-one technology school, where each student has access to an electronic device at all times. Students are co-taught math and engineering courses as well as an ever expanding visual arts program. Focusing on technology during the week, Aiken students welcome the opportunity to unplug for the weekend and enjoy some time outdoors with OACGC. The Falcons averaged over 18 participants per adventure this fall! The club’s success can easily be attributed to Aiken’s co-advisors, Danielle Boyle and Stephanie Weaver.

Danielle Boyle

I’m from Springfield, Ohio–also hometown of John Legend! My family and I moved to Mason, Ohio when I was 14 years old for my father’s job at Ford Motor Co. I attended Princeton High School, and then the University of Cincinnati. Through my service year with AmeriCorps and the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, I was placed at Aiken! I serve as the CYC Ohio College Guide, providing college access information and knowledge students need and deserve in order to make educated decisions and plans for their future after high school. My favorite memory/adventure of this past fall, was going hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center! The weather was perfect that day and our students really enjoyed exploring the trails, climbing trees and creating their own signature banana s’mores!

Stephanie Weaver

I grew up in New Jersey until age 14 and moved to Ohio where I graduated from Olentangy High School. I moved to Cincinnati after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Psychology and Political Science. My first position after graduation was through AmeriCorps as CYC Ohio College Guide. Through this program I was placed at Aiken New Tech 3 years ago and have worked there since. Last year, I took a position with a different CYC program known as Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates. Currently I am a JCG Career Specialist at Aiken New Tech where I help seniors transition from high school to the world of work and help them develop a career path. My favorite OAC memory has been ice skating at Fountain Square. At first, a few of our student could barely stand on the ice and by the end of the day they were doing laps around me! I am excited for all the upcoming trips, especially zip lining!

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