Partner Spotlight: REI Co-Op

November is a time of thanksgiving and OACGC has a lot to be thankful for including our amazing partnership with REI.  If you love the outdoors like we do, you’ve probably shopped at the REI Co-Op.  They have one of the best selections of outdoor equipment and apparel anywhere.

REI has been one of our strongest partners since the very beginning.  They regularly donate equipment to our cause, they provide innovative ways to get their customers involved (like the Gear Up & Give program), and their gracious staff is always willing to share expertise with our young adventurers.

One of the things we like most about REI is their relentless dedication to environmental stewardship and support of the outdoor spaces we love so much.  Over the years they have developed and supported a number of critical sustainability programs that have a real impact on green spaces.

REI has built a culture among their employees that includes a set of strong values that align perfectly with the passion for nature and the outdoors that we all share.


One of our favorite members of the REI team is Owen Nyswonger. Owen is a serious outdoor enthusiast and REI Cincinnati’s Outdoor Programs Market Coordinator.  We recently chatted with Owen as he was getting ready for the holiday season.

“We love what we do here and it shows.  Our work in the community is just as important as the work we do in the store.  The bottomline is we want to have an impact and make a real difference.”

And what a difference these guys are making!

Not only do they provide some of the best equipment and outfitting around, but they also give back to the community in ways that are immeasurable.

We need more people like Owen and we encourage everyone to stop by REI and take advantage of their workshops and classes or join them on one of their many volunteer outings in support of our local parks.  Become an active member of the outdoor community and join us as we continue to make things happen together.

Get more info on REI events and activities here.

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