Partner Spotlight: Loveland Canoe and Kayak

Since September is our kayaking adventure month, we thought it made sense to feature our good friend Mark Bersani owner of Loveland Canoe and Kayak. We’re all big fans of Mark not only for his great service to the community as the premier kayak and canoe rental facility in the region, but also because of his patience and dedication to helping people of all ages get introduced to the wonderful world of paddling.

Mark actually ‘discovered’ the canoe shop about twelve years ago with his wife while they were training for a marathon. The spark was lit and they decided to make a serious life change. Selling their home and renovating the upstairs of the shop where they currently live. This is truly a dedicated couple who love to make people happy and don’t mind taking their work home with them!

Loveland Canoe and Kayak is a family friendly business that operates May through October so don’t bother stopping by in January. However if you want to see some summer time action, bring a group of friends out in the summer.  LCK has been known to put more than 300 boats in the water in a single day.  That’s 450-600 people, and a lot of paddles.

All Cincinnatians should be well accustomed to paddling by now.  After all, Cincinnati is the paddle capital of the U.S. For those who have yet to discover paddling, we recommend going on one of Loveland Canoe and Kayak’s exciting day trips.

They offer two trips for individuals and groups of any size.The Castle Adventure is the most popular of the two. This 5 mile trip, which lasts 2-4 hours, takes you by the historic Loveland Castle. For the more experienced paddlers there’s the Seven Bridges Excursion. This is a longer trip (4-6 hours) but time flies when you’re having fun.

During both trips you will enjoy the Little Miami River as you paddle through some of the most beautiful, natural surroundings in the Tri-State region. With it’s designation as a State and National Scenic River this section of the Little Miami looks much the way it did 200 years ago with rolling, majestic banks, pristine waters and natural vegetation. Visitors often delight in the viewing of wildlife like the Great Blue Heron and numerous other birds, various species of turtles, frogs and fish that inhabit this special river.

Throughout the month of September Loveland Canoe and Kayaks has generously provided all the kayaks for hundreds of young adventurers as we advance our mission to get urban youth out into nature.  The response was simply overwhelming. The students really connected with nature and the feeling they get while paddling down the river is unlike anything most of them had ever experienced before. Thanks to Loveland Canoe and Kayak, we’re able to change the lives of these young people forever.

Mark’s wife, a grade school teacher, knows full well the effects of NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) on young people and they are doing everything they can to combat this growing issue both at school and through their business.

Mark’s passion for preserving out natural resources and being good stewards is obvious to all who know him. We are grateful to have such a valuable partner and we look forward to getting back on the water next season.

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