Natural Facts: Studies Show Outdoors Cures What Ails Ya’

What sounds more appealing: Taking a walk outdoors or strolling through the office? For most people, the outdoor sounds way better.

Studies also show that it doesn’t just feel good to go outside, there are actually tons of health benefits to spending just 20 minutes outside every day.

According to a study from the University of Michigan, group nature walks are linked to enhanced mental health and positivity, as well as significantly lower levels of depression and feelings of stress.

A study from Glasgow University showed that people who walked, biked, or ran in nature had a lower risk of poor mental health than people who worked out indoors.

According to a study published in Psychological Science, interacting with nature gives your brain a break from everyday overstimulation, which can have a restorative effect on your attention levels.

Researchers at Tokyo’s Nippon Medical School found that women who spent six hours in the woods over the course of two days had an increase in virus- and tumor-fighting white blood cells, and the boost lasted at least seven days afterwards.

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