Monthly Adventures: October Biking

Outdoor Adventure Clubs keeps setting records!  During October, our biking month, we reached a record high of 87 cyclists for one adventure.  Coined our “40 Mile Bike Trip”, adventures in October allowed students the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Little Miami Bike Trail.

We departed from Loveland and offered cyclists the opportunity to travel as far as 10 miles down trail before returning to Loveland for our “Lunch and Learn” session.  After lunch, we were back on the bikes to head up trail, again for as many as 10 miles.  Our more active adventurers truly gave our lead staff members a workout on the trail as they pushed towards the 40-mile goal!

More leisurely pedalers enjoyed the serenity of the trail, which was originally a railroad that was transformed as part of the rails-to-trails movement.  Regardless on the miles covered, students and advisors had an active and engaging ride on one of our well-protected, local treasures.

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