Monthly Adventures: Next Month

School’s almost here and you know what that means. It’s time for our 4th annual kayaking adventure.  This year will be our biggest ever as we take more than 300 students (and some chaperones) to Miami Whitewater for a great day of fun on the water.

Kayaking may take energy but it is also energizing. You are facing a powerful natural element and trying to work in harmony with it. Not only are you making friends with nature but also with everyone else around you.

We believe kayaking brings the best out of people and creates a strong trust, as each paddler has to trust themselves and those around them.  Not only does it create great friendships and trust but it also creates great inner confidence. Yes it requires a little work, but it’s well worth it once you get out there and enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine.

Kayaking also gives you a great perspective on the natural beauty that surrounds us.  The natural beauty cannot help but cheer up your day and bring a smile to ones face.  Exercise is known to let off endorphins and make us happy but we believe kayaking makes us extra happy. It makes us better people, creates trust and friendships, gets us out and about exploring and challenging our own capabilities and takes us to new places.

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