Lunch and Learn Program

During their October biking trips on the Little Miami Bike Trail, OAC students also learned about our regional trail network and the health and the environmental benefits of hiking and biking instead of driving. Their “Lunch & Learn” focused on the history of the Little Miami Bike Trail as part of the national “rails-to-trails” movement. Students were shown maps indicating existing and planned trails for the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as connectors to regional trails leading to other major cities in the tri-state area. Each participant also received a Metro Green Bus Route map that showed all city and county parks plus the specific bus routes to get to each of those wonderful outdoor venues.

In addition to learning about local and regional trails, students were also given a tutorial on basic bike maintenance, including hands-on experience patching bicycle tires and realigning bike chains to sprockets. These skills proved useful during the afternoon portion of the bike ride.

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