Happy Trails: Enjoy Nature All Winter

There are so many fun activities to do outside in the winter. Many people in other parts of the world have never built a snowman or even seen snow!

Skating on an outdoor rink, skiing, or just walking through a park trying to identify animal prints in the snow are all winter wonders. Don’t hide from the winter weather — embrace it! You just need a few extra steps to keep yourself safe and warm during winter activities. Just as it’s important to be safe during the summer, such as wearing sunscreen and a hat and drinking plenty of water, there are things to think about in the winter.

SmartRisk suggests that you remember C-O-L-D (see the “Be Cold-Smart” link below for full details):

* Cover your head, neck and face.
* Overexertion leads to sweating, which causes damp or wet clothing.
* Layer clothing to protect against wind and cold.
* Dry. Wear waterproof clothing and insulated, waterproof boots and gloves.

It definitely takes a bit longer to get dressed to go outside in the winter, but it’s worth it. An outing in the winter can energize you.

Being Smart About Winter

* Check the weather before you head out.
Winter weather can change very quickly, especially in mountain areas. Check the local forecast and be prepared. Remember that you will have to come back the same distance you go out. Consider this when thinking about how long you want to be outside.

* Be aware of the signs of frostbite and hypothermia.
Look for white or grey skin as the beginning signs of frostbite. Some signs of hypothermia include cold or pale skin, uncontrollable shivering and stumbling.

* Tell someone where you are going.
In the winter, whether you’re going for a stroll around the neighbourhood or a hike in the mountains, make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to be back. If you have a cell phone, take it with you.

Winter offers a unique chance to be active. Don’t let cold temperatures be a barrier to getting out there.

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