Spotlights a student each month

Student Spotlight: OAC It’s a Family Affair

For Oyler senior, Daniel Barnes, Outdoor Adventure Clubs is a family affair.  Daniel lives in Lower Price Hill.  He has serval cousins and siblings that also go to Oyler or have graduated from Oyler in the past. His cousins Stephanie Barnes and Cassey Flower are also seniors and members of the school’s Outdoor Adventure Club.

Daniel joined OACGC because he enjoyed participating in the adventures last year and was looking forward to enjoying the adventures once again, alongside his family members.  His favorite trip was the kayaking adventure.

Daniel believes that adventures give students a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have experiences they might not otherwise have exposure to.  He would encourage students to join for the new experiences that OACGC offers to students.

Thanks for being an OACGC ambassador, Daniel!

Student Spotlight: Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams is in the 7th grade at Bellevue High School.  His favorite subjects include Math and English, and when he’s not at school he enjoys hanging out with friends and going places.  While Andrew has been on multiple adventures this year, his said, “my favorite trip was when we went to the Cincinnati Recreation Center because we got to go swimming, eat pizza, shoot basketball, and rock climb.”

Help support students like Andrew getting active and outdoors by supporting Outdoor Adventure Clubs.  With your help, Andrew can continue to engage with nature during our monthly adventures throughout his high school years.  Andrew said it best when told us “OAC is a great opportunity to exercise and have fun.”

Student Spotlight: Kadriesha is an Adventurer at Heart

We couldn’t wait to spotlight Kadriesha Glover, a junior at Zoo Academy who resides in Clifton. This is Kadriesha’s second year with OACGC and she has never missed an outing.  She loves all the activities especially ice skating and we love her enthusiasm – she’s truly an adventurer at heart. When asked what she has gained from OACGC, she replied eagerly, “I’ve gained some great outdoor experience. I learned how to fix a bike tire, how to bird watch, how to kayak, and what to do when camping.” She added that she would like to tell other students about OACGC. “I would tell other students that it’s a fun experience and you learn fun things to do outdoors.”

After high school Kadriesha plans to go to BGSU to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design with aspirations to land a job in the design industry.  Thanks to her experiences in OACGC she also wants to travel and seek new adventures before settling down, getting married and starting a family. Sounds like a good plan. We wish her the best.

Student Spotlight: Mikele Boyd

Mikele Boyd lives in College Hill, is a senior at Shroder Paideia High School, and has been a member of Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati the past four years. He also plays football, runs track, and has participated in his school’s “Flight Club”, a UC sponsored extra-curricular activity in which students build model aircraft and compete to see which plane can lift the heaviest payload. Mikele is getting ready for college by taking three AP courses in Physics, Calculus, and English to help prepare for his Aerospace Engineering course of study next year at the University of Cincinnati.

Having been a member of OACGC since his freshman year at Shroder, Mikele has attended over 30 outdoor adventures to date. His favorite field trips are mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking. When asked what he likes most about the Club, he stated three reasons for staying engaged:

1) It’s a healthy alternative to simply hanging out in his neighborhood.
2) It’s a great way to meet new people from other schools in the area.
3) It’s been fun creating new and lasting friendships with students that he may not have otherwise hung out with at Shroder.

Hat’s off to Mikele for his long term commitment to OACGC and best wishes as he heads off to college next year. Perhaps he’ll establish an “outdoor club” at UC next year, create new friendships, and encourage more college students to go outside and play.

Student Spotlight: Chris

Chris, a student at Woodward High School, came to the assistance of another biker who was a little hesitant to complete the afternoon portion of the bike trip. Being asthmatic and figuring he would be unable to keep up with the other bikers, the younger student needed some reassurance before getting back on the bike trail.

Without being prompted, Chris stepped up and promised the young man he would pedal slowly alongside him for the duration of the trip. Both riders finished with smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment.

Student Spotlight: Abreyahna and Eugenio

In all the excitement surrounding our year’s first adventure, two students stood out on September 12th as shining examples of OAC leaders.  Abreyahna, a 9th grader, and Eugenio, a 12th grader, are both students at Withrow University High School.

While docking for lunch at the Loveland Castle, Abreyahna assisted OAC staff member Jeff Denno with moving boats off the water and out of the walking path.  It was a monster of a task considering there were over 100 paddlers!

Abryahna and Eugenio teamed up after lunch to help fellow adventurers return to the river by assisting them into their boats and launching them down stream.  A younger student, from Woodward High School, was hesitant to return to his kayak after lunch.  Without anyone asking, Abryahna and Eugenio encouraged this student to join them for the remainder of the float.  When managing the river proved difficult for this student, Abryahna and Eugenio situated his kayak between theirs, and systematically paddled their “tri-kayak” all the way to the pull-out.

Abryahna and Eugenio are both first time adventurers with OAC, proving that student leaders need not be outdoor experts, just kind and caring individuals.

Student Spotlight: Anthony from Woodward HS

Anthony is a former student at Woodward High School and a member of the original Outdoor Adventure  Club pilot program started in the spring of 2013. On the day this photo was taken, Anthony was the first to catch a fish at Winton Woods Lake. Although normally a shy individual, he was very proud of his catch and immediately became the fishing expert among all the students on the field trip that day.

To date Anthony has been on over 20 outdoor field trips with his school’s Club and is always at the head of the pack whether hiking, biking, or kayaking. His outdoor skills and inner self confidence grow with each new OAC adventure.  His mother also enjoyed the OAC trips. She joined in on bike trip around Loveland, overnight camp-out at Winton Woods.  This young man is truly a shining example of how Outdoor Adventures Clubs help urban students grow and succeed in all their endeavors.

Anthony graduated from Woodward last year 2015 Anthony is now working for Amazon in Northern Kentucky.