Staff Spotlight: New Board Member Joins

OACGC is excited to announce the addition of Kim Albers to our Board to Directors!

Kim is an English Learner (EL) teacher for Newport Schools. She has lived abroad in New Zealand and Chile and was a ski instructor at Lake Tahoe, CA for five years – she is happiest when on an adventure in nature! With a passion for the outdoors and education, it was only a matter of time before Kim began collaborating with Outdoor Adventure Clubs.

She met Denny (Founder/Executive Director) randomly while working for Cincinnati Parks’ Explore Nature! program many years ago. They were reconnected when Newport HS became involved with OAC. Kim is inspired by how the program has provided so many adventures and activities for students. She is most impressed with the freedom and self-reliance that is placed on the students as they learn about themselves and their capabilities. One of her favorite memories was seeing a few students in particular work together to set up a tent for the first time on our end of the year campout in May of 2015.

Kim is looking forward to serving on the OACGC board so that she can contribute to the mission of Outdoor Adventure Clubs.  “I whole heartedly believe in the mission of OAC and want to help the program grow and continue to succeed”, she says.

Welcome to the Board, Kim!  We’re so happy to have you.

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Staff Spotlight: Jean Wykoff

I am a recent retired Speech/Language Pathologist of 37 years in the public school system.  Thirty five of those years were spent at Madeira City Schools.   I always knew after retirement I wanted to continue working with students.  One day I saw a flyer at The Benchmark Outfitters store for the Outdoors Adventure Club and that started my new adventures with kids.

My first outdoor adventure was at the Cincinnati Nature Center with 60 plus kids.  The day was filled with laughter as the kids climbed trees, splashed in the creek and bonded with each other. I knew then I found the match I was looking for.  I cannot wait for Saturday of each week for another connection with these kids…it is so fulfilling.  The staff at OAC is friendly and dedicated to each student’s success.  When interacting with the students of OAC, they talk about how they want to come back after graduation and become a staff member so they can continue this wonderful program.

Thank you OAC for everything you do for students!!!!!

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Staff Spotlight: Drequan Loves His Work

This month’s Staff Spotlight goes to Drequan Foster, one of our favorite team members.  Drequan has been with Outdoor Adventure Clubs for several years now. First as a student participant while attending Withrow University High School, and now as an Outdoor Specialist.

While attending Withrow, Drequan enrolled in his school’s chapter of Outdoor Adventure Clubs and never looked back. When asked what he thought of his time as a student with Outdoor Adventure Clubs Drequan proclaimed gleefully, “I really loved all the adventures and the amazing experiences it gave me.”

After graduating high school in 2014, Drequan enrolled in University of Cincinnati’s Construction Management program. “I enjoy classes here at UC, especially physics because it incorporates math while teaching me how the world works,” he said with earnest.

When he’s not studying or in class, Drequan fills his spare time the way you would expect, working out, hanging out, and playing video games. He’s quick to mention that working out is good for your body and mind.

“I decided to join Outdoor Adventure Clubs after high school because I couldn’t get enough of the fun activities and great experiences and I wanted to help others get involved with the program so they could share some of these amazing moments as well.  Outdoor Adventure Clubs has raised my awareness of nature and helped me understand more about good stewardship and how to preserve our natural resources so they don’t get destroyed.

My favorite adventure with OACGC was the kayaking trip because I love the teamwork. The beautiful combination of trees, sky and water make an exquisite landscape. After seeing such beauty, all I wanted to do was share it with others, which is why I want to help people get involved with the outdoors.”

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Staff Spotlight: Miriam Wise

Miriam Wise, Marketing and Development Director

I joined the OACGC team as the Marketing and Development Director after serving as a club advisor for two years at Gamble Montessori.  While at Gamble, I worked as the school’s College and Career Readiness Coordinator and helped students prepare their post-secondary pathways.  Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee,  I left the foothills of the Smoky Mountains to attend the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.

As Marketing and Development Director for OACGC, I plan monthly fundraisers, manage donors, and build partnerships with local businesses.  I also have the pleasure of working closely with OACGC’s grant writer, Sandy Angel, in the research and execution of grant and sponsorship applications.

Much of my efforts are focused on securing funding so OACGC can continue its mission of offering outdoor adventures at no cost to students or schools.  Amidst all the challenges of fundraising for a non-profit, nothing distracts me from the reward of providing urban students access to the great outdoors.  I invite you to join OACGC in our mission by attending our fundraisers, donating gently used outdoor gear, or contributing to our campaigns.

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